Trucker English I: English Proficiency at the Inspection Station

The participant will be able to understand statements and frequently used expressions related to areas of most immediate relevance (e.g. very basic work-related, personal and family information, local geography, and employment); can communicate about tasks requiring a simple and direct exchange of information on familiar and routine matters; can describe in simple terms aspects of his background, immediate work environment and immediate basic need. Safety on the job is reinforced and common cultural differences are addressed.

The objective of this course will be to prepare the driver for the Standard Inspection by Border inspectors and to answer questions in English from both inspectors and highway officials, such as law enforcement officers. The course is based on the exam inspectors will use during the inspection process. The course is also meant to reinforce the skills that will help the driver be a safe and successful driver in the US.

The driver will learn English to help answer questions from an official, identify certain important documents that an officer may ask such as a bill of lading and a commercial driver’s license. The driver will learn to identify the different parts of a vehicle in English to be able to answer questions posed during the inspection process. The driver will learn how to describe and report different types of emergency situations and also learn to read important signs in English to increase safety on the road.

 All of the skills learned in the course will help the driver prepare for the 37 point standard inspection that must be passed to drive a truck legally in the United States.

Meets:24/7- Online Class
Location:Education Service Center, Region 20
Fee:$207.00  Fee Breakdown  

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